MSN Music Review + Interview

Today, Microsoft officially launched their online music download service, MSN Music. We've had a chance to review the new service, as well as having a talk with some of the people at Microsoft behind the service. Here's a snip :

"Online music services : the last year has seen literally an explosion of entrants into the market, each of them seeking to get a slice of a multi-billion dollar pie. Apple and its iTunes program hit the market first, proving extremely successful and gaining a larger market share; its success was aided in part by the tremendous sales of its music storage product, the iPod. The iPod and iTunes package at the time set Apple apart from other players. Other companies in the market have had varying degrees of success and notoriety. However, strangely, one company held back and waited to see how the game played out : Microsoft."

Read on for more.

View: MSN Music Review and Interview

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