Neobytes :) Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes a Microsoft Zune with his tank

The Zune media player has been mocked since it was first released in 2006. Even though Microsoft stopped making the Zune hardware nearly three years ago, it appears that people still want to make fun of it. Today, a new video shows the latest example of Zune abuse; one of them gets run over by a tank.


It's not just any tank that takes out the tiny MP3 player. It's one that's owned and is driven by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, Conan-Terminator-Mister Freeze himself decides to crush the Zune in a new YouTube clip. The action happens at the very end and even Schwarzenegger admits he has no idea what a Zune is.

So why is the former governor of California wanting to use a very heavy tank on a poor, helpless Zune? As it turns out, it's all for charity. Schwarzenegger crushes a lot of things with his vehicle in the video and he is asking people to enter a contest where the winner will win a trip to Los Angeles to meet him and, among other things, drive around in his tank to crush things.

The contest can be found at the Omaze website and costs a minimal of $10 to enter. The money that will be raised by the contest will go to the After-School All-Stars, which helps to provide after school activities and programs for kids. Because of this, we will forgive Schwarzenegger for adding to the Zune mocking pile.

Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger on YouTube

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