NeoBytes :) Police officers used a lost phone to take selfies, then posted them on Facebook

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A phone in a cell. A 'cell' phone.

If you are one of those people who does not have a security password installed on their phones, then you might just want to have one after reading this.

A lost phone has recently been taken in to a police station in Albury, Australia. With the police realizing the device didn't have any security code on it, the officers decided to teach the owner, Bella Crooke, a lesson. The men in blue started taking selfies, which were then posted onto the owner's Facebook page.

One selfie, shown below, was uploaded to Facebook and included the caption, "You should probably put a password on your phone. When you are ready to pick it up it will be at Albury police station.” The post quickly garnered a lot of likes, and is still growing, as of this writing.

Selfie time!

But it seemed that the officers were not done yet with the pranking game. Afterwards, a picture of the iPhone contained inside a locked cell was taken, and then uploaded to Crooke's Facebook account with the caption, "If your worried about the battery going flat, don't. By the time you pick it up it will be fully 'charged'. It is a great 'cell' phone." [sic]

Furthermore, the policemen noted that the phone was ready to be released early for its "good behavior," and that they were just waiting for Crooke to post bail. People who saw the stunt on the Facebook page called the act "epic," and the policemen were even hailed as "legends."

Albury Police Inspector Anthony Moodie even shared his thoughts on the act, saying it was a "novel way" to find out who the owner of the phone is, and that the police actually have the authority to search a phone in that way.

The phone was happily reunited with Crooke six hours later after the stunt was made. The woman did not even need to provide her name, as the police had already recognized her from her Facebook page.

Source: The Border Mail, Bella Crooke via Digital Trends | Images via Bella Crooke

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