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NeoGamr Podcast 026 - July 3, 2012

This week's NeoGamr podcast is our 26th episode. However, this installment is a little different. Tim, Larry and John are still on board, talking about the latest in gaming news and topics. However, this week we choose to record our podcast ahead of time due to some prior committments to Tim.

Don't fret; we still managed to discuss quite a bit of news and themes in this week's episode and next week we will return to our live streaming audio and video podcast (although John won't be around; he's on semi-vacation).

Click above to listen to the recorded podcast

Contributing Staff:
John Callaham (@JCalNeowin), Larry Cooney (@DirtyLarry) and Tim Schiesser (@ScorpusV)

Topics Discussed:

  1. Larry plays Spec Ops: The Line
  2. Source Filmmaker
  3. Diablo III restrictions lifted
  4. Radical Entertainment is gone
  5. Skulls of Shogun going Windows 8 only
  6. Microtransactions vs. monthly subscriptions
  7. Getting back into PC gaming
  8. ...and more!

We record the podcast live every week at 7 PM ET on Tuesday (or 4 PM PT/11PM GMT) over on our Ustream page and also embedded in a post here on the site. Please join us then if you can next week and chat with us live, or simply catch the podcast recorded here on NeoGamr or by our feed services.

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