NeoSmart announces Windows Recovery Essentials

Important news is coming from NeoSmart Technologies, the company praised for the award-winning boot manager software EasyBCD: the developer will soon release a new system recovery CD for Windows operating systems, rewritten from the ground up due to licensing issues with the official Microsoft products.

Like many companies selling recovery CDs for Windows, NeoSmart was thus far licensing the Windows Pre Installation Environment (WinPE) directly from Microsoft to develop and release its own bootable recovery environments.

But starting from January 2012, NeoSmart reveals, Microsoft stopped renewing the pre-existing licensing agreements with third parties, forcing its partners to search for an alternative solution to develop future bootable CDs without using Redmond’s own WinPE.

NeoSmart says it is now working on its “next generation” repair CDs, a product that is “not just a replacement for the current WinPE-based repair CDs, but rather a whole new software written from the ground up with the express intent of fixing whatever it may be that stops your PC from booting”.

The upcoming (and currently in private beta) Windows Recovery Essentials (or WinRE for short) will be able to repair and fix “common and uncommon problems” preventing the system to boot or work properly, NeoSmart promises, “including those that the Windows installation DVD can’t or won’t fix”.

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