Neowin Asks: Who can't upgrade to IE7?

As most Neowin visitors know by now, Windows Internet Explorer 7 was released this week. While there are probably a few of you who will not upgrade immediately because you use another browser (Firefox, Opera, etc) the question of the day is... are those, the people like you out there who cannot upgrade to IE7?

I can't, at least not at work. The private university I work for has multiple programs that simply will not function on systems with IE7 installed on them. As reflected in a letter sent our by my boss to our campus, "these vendors continue to work toward support, but it will likely be January or February of 2007 before that support becomes official."

While I in no way blame Microsoft for this -- these vendors, Cisco being among them, have had ample time to test the IE7 beta and RCs -- the fact of the matter is our organization cannot allow systems to be upgraded on our campus, even student machines (which require a school issued Cisco program to access our network, that program breaks with IE7.)

Are there programs that you or your company use that have forced you to stay at IE6? Please comment and share.

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