Neowin Member Reviews: Apple Magic Trackpad

It's that time of the week again where we showcase a review from one of our very own members.

This week we're pleased to share .Neo's review of his new Apple Magic Trackpad.

Like most desktop computer owners I always controlled what happened on my screen with a keyboard and later on a mouse. In the middle of 2010 nothing really changed in that department: You still execute certain commands by either keyboard and/or mouse (maybe a trackball). Next-gen MacBook (Pro) and iPhone / iPad / iPod touch owners have been lucky enough to experience multi-touch goodness for quite some time now to manipulate their devices with.

With the Magic Trackpad Apple aimed to bring this extra functionality to desktop computers as well. But rather than using the traditional way through (multi-) touch input directly by touching the screen like some HP desktops (which isn't that convenient for prolonged periods of time), they moved the multi-touch surface to a separate plate on your desk.

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