New Civ VI video details all the changes coming in Rise and Fall expansion

Near the end of the last year, Firaxis Games announced Rise and Fall, the first major expansion to Civilization VI and´╗┐ the latest addition to the long-running Civilization series from the developer. In a new video uploaded to the game's YouTube channel, the developers of the game go over some of the many systems first introduced in that blog post, alongside a few new tidbits of information.

The folks behind the extremely popular 4X game that more or less defines the genre have been elaborating the new additions to the game in hour-long, fortnightly deep-dive playthroughs but if you can't find the time to watch them all, the new video does a pretty good job of summarising things like Golden and Dark Ages, dedications, loyalty and other systems in a concise five minutes.

As its name suggests, the expansion largely focuses on the ebb and flow of civilisation as they progress with time, with new Golden and Dark Ages representing the various eras of progress and decay in a people's collective history. Other features like Governors and Loyalty can allow you to obtain powerful boosts to specific cities, enabling you to specialise them even further, while also opening avenues for capturing other players' cities without a single shot being fired.

While a small addition in the larger impact of the expansion, the video also detailed some of the new natural and world wonders coming to the game, alongside the inclusion of more unit types - such as drones and the pike and shot - to fill out some of the more obvious gaps in the military and technical progression of the game. Newly playable civilisations, like the Cree and the Netherlands, also get a shout out.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is currently available for pre-order for $29.99 and will be released on February 8.

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