New iPhone worm can steal bank information

A new iPhone and iPod touch worm has been spotted in the wild, this time the worm is stealing peoples banking information. Neowin reported about the rick roll worm two weeks ago that could change the user's background to a picture of Rick Astley.

Much like the Rick Roll worm, this worm will only affect jailbroken users who did not change their default password from "alpine". The worm works like a traditional botnet, command-and-control, but looks for users text messages (SMS) with detailed bank information.

The worm has only been spotted in Holland and for users who use ING bank, but the worm could easily be modified to work with just about any bank that sends account information and passwords via SMS. This worm has more potential to evolve and cause more damage to iPhone users worldwide.

The worm can spread very easily, if users are using the same WiFi hotspot, the worm could jump from [Jailbroken] iPhone to [Jailbroken] iPhone.

Jailbroken users should change their default password from "alpine" by going into Cydia and installing the MobileTerminal.

  1. Enter MobileTerminal and enter "su root"
  2. Default password "alpine"
  3. Enter "passwd" and create a new password for your root.
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