New Power Mac G4 - Dual 1GHz & Geforce4

Apple have quietly released a beast into the wild! :O Thanks unspec and Dazzla (who posted in the forums) the link to the specs.

The dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors — with a combined performance of 15 billion floating point operations per second, or 15 gigaflops — put this fearsomely fast Power Mac G4 squarely in the lead as the ultimate high-end graphics workstation. The first Power Mac to blast through the 1GHz barrier, the new twin-engined G4 runs professional applications like Adobe Photoshop up to 72 percent faster — and crunches digital video over 300 percent faster — than a 2GHz Pentium 4-based PC.

Off-the-charts 3D graphics

Graphics performance is off the charts, with hot new graphics processors and dual display support across the product line. The ATI Radeon 7500 (available on the 800MHz model) and NVIDIA GeForce4 MX (standard on the 933MHz and dual 1GHz models) deliver riveting effects, with fluid motion and photorealistic 3D images. The GeForce4 MX, a phenomenal graphics processor with 64MB of on-chip DDR memory, pumps out 1.1 billion textured pixels per second to kick your projects into overdrive.

View: Power Mac G4 Specs

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