New PS3 Owners Discover Noisy, Defective Console Batch

Although the PlayStation 3 console has had a reliable track record for almost half a year, some new owners of the PS3 are complaining that a recent batch of 60GB consoles is exhibiting a high-pitched "whine" noise. Some report that the whine noise comes only when the console is running Folding@home, while others say that the sound is constant, whether the machine is idle, playing a game or watching a movie. The "whining" PlayStation 3 consoles were narrowed down to a specific batch by serial number, mostly sold by EB Games in Canada. Those who have had noisy machines report serial numbers in the CE133190xxx and CE133212xxx series manufactured in January 2007. Calls to Sony PlayStation tech support found no one aware of the problem, though through the collaboration of PlayStation forum users, the issue appears to be isolated only to a small batch from a recent production run.

News source: DailyTech

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