New PS4 bug-fixing update to be released soon

The new UI customization options from v 2.0

There’s good news for Sony fans this morning, as the company has announced a new update for the PlayStation 4 console, one aimed at fixing some of the bugs introduced with the recent version 2.0 software update.

PlayStation 4 fans haven’t had the easiest time when it comes to updates, as Sony elected to only push them out a few times a year compared to the much more regular way Xbox One users receive them. And even then they can cause unexpected problems and frustrate users.

And that’s exactly what happened with the latest version of the OS, v 2.0. Released late last month, this update was the biggest one the console has ever received up until now and it brought a number of new features including some UI changes. However it also introduced a number of bugs starting with weird volume changes, problems connecting to Youtube and even a bug that keeps the console in “rest mode” until it’s unplugged.

Despite affecting only a limited number of users, all of these are obviously very frustrating to those who are experiencing them. But Sony is announcing today that v2.01 of the OS is coming soon, and this update will start to address some of these issues, specifically the ones related to rest mode.

What do you folks think, is Sony doing enough here or would you rather have a much more regular upgrade schedule, similar to the one from Microsoft?

Source: PlayStation ( Twitter) via: Engadget

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