New video shows Microsoft Surface Duo's Peek feature

Microsoft's dual-screen Android phone, the Surface Duo, is coming this holiday season, and we're gradually learning more about it. The first emulator was released last month, and you can use the Microsoft Launcher (Preview) app on your phone right now.

Now, Microsoft leakster WalkingCat has leaked a couple of videos showing off a feature called Peek. The idea is pretty simple. If you lift the lid of the device a little bit, you'll see a quick view of a bunch of handy information.

Another video shows Peek when answering a call. This is also interesting because it shows the animation where the device goes from the Peek view to full view.

Of course, this is meant to solve the problem of not being able to see who's calling on a device that doesn't have a screen on the outside. It seems, at least, that if you open the phone all the way, it's not going to automatically answer the call.

It's also always fun to look at the dates in these things, looking for any secret product details. The first video shows a date of June 18, which is a common date used on Surface product images, such as the Surface Studio. The second is a bit more interesting, because it's October 2, the same date that Microsoft has held its fall hardware events for the last two years. It does say Friday, October 2, which means that it's definitely for this year; however, it's unlikely that Microsoft would hold an event on a Friday.

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