NewsBin Pro 4.0 Pre-Release 3 Build 3732

New version of Newsbin pro 4 out, with a bundle of fixes and new features.


  • Resume now restores download list and forces download (instead of just remembering posts in the post list).
  • Fixed Socks firewall support.
  • Added confirmation if you try to column sort your subscribed newsgroups list.
  • Read Post Body now decodes NFO, TXT, and SFV files.
  • Global filter profile now gets cleared when you double-click a group so it is clear that the group specific filter is applied.
  • Now renders B&W jpgs again.
  • Fixed possible freeze when the bandwidth limiter is changed on the fly.
  • Now using full subject for chunk filename in the spool directory. Reduces chance of filename collision for chunk files.
  • Posts in the downloaded files, failed posts, or download list will now come up if they match a search criteria on the post list.
  • Fixed problem where "Load Download List" only worked if it was the first thing you did after startup.
  • Fixed problem when re-using server during multi-part downloads where the server configured download limit was not always respected and the close connections setting was being ignored.
  • Posts re-submitted for download are now removed from the downloaded files list.
  • Even more information given if registration fails.
  • Installer now includes some default filter sets.
  • Now retries posts on error, mostly for dialup people so their dialer has time to make a new connection.

View: Release Notes

Download: NewsBin 4.0 pro

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