Nexus S 4G update pinned for July 11th, Google Wallet imminent?

Google's been breaking the news frequently this week, with the announcement of Google+, and their sites being redesigned slowly, and now it looks like the company may be poised to release Google Wallet -- the search giants' NFC payment technology -- on the world.

Sprintfeed (via This is my next) reports that a leaked internal slide from Sprint reveals new features coming to the Nexus S as soon as July 11th. The features are listed as: 

Enables the NFC Secure Element

4G Settings Widget

TTY Support

NI Push Support

Improved WiFi Connectivity, Speakerphone audio quality, 4G throughput and signal acquisition.

Tuned signal strength indicators.

Whilst the update isn't overwhelmingly exciting, we did notice a small tidbit in there. NFC support, which until this point has been locked down, will be enabled. It would make sense for Google to unlock the capability slightly ahead of a Google Wallet launch, which is still being officially touted to launch "soon" by Google. 

This could mean that we'll see Google Wallet by the end of July, however Google is yet to make an official comment on the matter. Currently, the Nexus S is the only device that will be supported for Google Wallet upon launch, with other Android devices to be added over time. 

The deployment of the update will be spaced over a four day period, with 5% of customers on day 1, 25% for the next 2 days, then available for 100% of customers four days in. The update will be OTA, and sports the version number GRJ90.

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