nForce4 Ultra & SLI Preview

NVIDIA's new nForce4 motherboard chipset brings with it PCI-Express and SLI functionality along with new enthusiast tools, deep RAID features, and a hardened firewall for the masses. While NVIDIA has once again risen to respectable levels of performance with their videocard lineup, they have not lost focus on their motherboard chipset business. In the years past they have made countless mistakes in doing business with the Taiwanese and Chinese motherboard companies. But from what the grapevine tells us, they have spent most of 2004 trying to redeem themselves and they seem to be doing a good job of it.

Today NVIDIA launches the highly anticipated nForce4 motherboard chipset. Yep, the one that will support SLI and very possibly dual core CPUs from AMD when they arrive. First off, here is what not to expect. Don't expect this chipset to bring you any huge performance increases outside of SLI support. The nForce4 is really about simply making a better chipset out of the nForce3 chipset series. Now that AMD has the memory controller on the CPU's silicon, it is highly difficult for motherboard chipsets that support AMD Athlon 64 processors to differentiate themselves, but that is exactly what NVIDIA is doing today through a highly robust feature set.

News source: [H]ard|OCP

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