Nokia celebrates Easter with a 3D printer that uses chocolate

While Nokia may sell off its smartphone division to Microsoft by the end of April, the company will still have a number of other divisions that will continue to operate in Finland. One of them is their 3D printing department, and this week the company released a new video that showed them experimenting with a very different substance: chocolate.

The video, as posted on YouTube, shows how the 3D printer created an accurate, but still edible, version of Nokia's logo. It's certainly a interesting way to create a 3D construct, and we have to wonder if this could be expanded upon by chocolate makers to design and create even more complex shapes.

The whole effort is a humorous, but still interesting, way for Nokia to celebrate the current Easter holidays. In a post on their official blog, they ask themselves why they did the company's logo in 3D chocolate, rather than a version of one of their Lumia smartphones like the 1520. The reason is simple; making a chocolate Lumia 1520 would offer one person way too many calories to eat. The Nokia logo has just 164 calories, which makes it far easier to eat and still stay slim.

Source: Nokia on YouTube

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