Nokia patent may also reveal new Windows Phone 8 device

Earlier this month, an image leaked that could turn out to be one of Nokia's next Lumia devices, based on Windows Phone 8. Now a patent application has appeared that also may offer an early glimpse at what is coming next from Nokia. discovered the image, which was posted on the US Patent and Trademark Office website earlier this week. The patent drawing does appear to be very similar to the leaked image that showed up earlier in August.

In any case, Nokia seems to be ready to reveal all about its next Lumia smartphones very soon. The company will team up with Microsoft for a press event in New York City on September 5th and we will be there to get all of the details. An earlier report claims, via unnamed sources, that Nokia and Microsoft will reveal two smartphones at the event, with the code names "Arrow" and "Phi."

Assuming that new Lumia handsets are announced on the 5th though, it's likely that the products themselves won't actually be made available for sale to the general public until sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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