Nokia: We are doing "more than enough" for Lumia owners

Windows Phone 8 was officially announced on Wednesday. However, Microsoft also confirmed long standing rumors that current generation Windows Phone devices won't be able to get the full Windows Phone 8 upgrade. Instead, those smartphones will receive an update to Windows Phone 7.8 that will add some new features, including a new Start Screen.

This presents a bit of an issue for Nokia, which launched its flagship Lumia 900 phone just two months ago in the US but now won't be able to get the Windows Phone 8 upgrade when it is released later this fall.

In a chat on The Verge, Nokia rep Kevin Shields tries to give their side on the Windows Phone 8 upgrade issue, saying that Nokia's efforts to support the Lumia phone line up are " ... more than enough. I think that ultimately your typical customer probably isn't all that aware of this upgrade thing." When asked if people should still buy a Lumia 900, Shields naturally says, "I feel really good about recommending the product."

To be fair, Nokia also has plans to release a number of new and updated Windows Phone 7 apps exclusively for Lumia products in the near future that will add a number of features to those devices. It remains to be seen if these app updates, plus the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade, will be enough to keep people interested in buying the Lumia devices going forward until the company launches its first Windows Phone 8 products.

Source: The Verge

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