NVIDIA 8800GT Option for Older Mac Pros Soon?

With the release of the Penryn-based Mac Pros only two weeks ago, Apple introduced a new video card option for the Mac Pros -- the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT. Existing Mac Pro owners saw this is an opportunity to upgrade from current cards as well as ailing 1900XT cards.

Despite an upgrade-kit becoming available on the Apple Store, Apple quickly contacted those who ordered the video cards to clarify that the 8800GT would only work on the most recently released Penryn Mac Pros. This led one user to jot off an angry letter to Steve Jobs who reportedly responded:

"I suggest you calm down. Everyone knows the issue and it is being worked."

Today, a statement from NVIDIA's Director of PR confirmed that a fix was on the way:

the company is "in the middle of bringing out an upgrade kit based on the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT solution for all Intel-based Mac Pros." What's more, this upgrade kit "should be out in a few weeks."

News source: Mac Rumors

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