Nvidia Confirms Nv30 Availability Early Next Year

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NVIDIA will only be able to deliver the next-generation highly-anticipated NV30 graphics processors in January or February next year. Now it is confirmed by the CEO of NVIDIA, himself.

Just as we stated, NVIDIA wanted to improve the yields and reduce the costs of manufacturing. With almost two months time, they will definitely be able to achieve higher yields and maybe even improve the speed of their graphics processor. Apparently, NVIDIA's developers have been able to play with certain hardware samples of NV30 technology since February 2002. According to NVIDIA, the cost of developing the NV3x family of products will be close to $400 million. At this moment I know for sure that there will be NV30, NV31, NV34 and NV35 code-named graphics processors as well as chipsets with integrated NV3x graphics core. Keeping in mind that there may be some problems with the NV31, NV34 and NV35, just as there were a lot of them with the NV30, the cost of developing will eventually be close to a half of a billion ($500 million). A lot amount of money even for NVIDIA, whose revenue for 2003 fiscal year will achieve $1.8 or $1.9 billion (keeping in mind that the Q4 will be flat, according to the CEO).

All in all, do not expect to get yourself a nice gift powered by NVIDIA's next-generation graphics processor, which name is still not revealed to the masses, this Christmas. Grab the RADEON 9700 PRO or put your $399 back to your pocket

News source: X-bit Labs

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