Nvidia Readies GeForce 7950 GT Graphics Card

Nvidia Corp., a leading supplier of graphics processors, is reportedly planning to unveil a graphics card that is likely to offer performance between the levels of the GeForce 7900 GT and the GeForce 7900 GTX as well as offer its performance for the price of about $299.

According to slides, which are presumably from Nvidia Corp., the company plans to released its GeForce 7950 GT product, which features 24 pixel processors, 8 vertex processors and 512MB of memory. The graphics card will come clocked at 550MHz for the chip and 1400MHz for the memory, as compared to GeForce 7900 GTX's 650MHz/1600MHz clock-speeds and GeForce 7900 GT's 450MHz/1320MHz.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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