ObjectBar 2.0 Released!

At long last, ObjectBar 2.0 is available now on This upgrade is free to existing customers.

ObjectBar is a program that can replace or extend the Windows taskbar. It provides the functionality of the Start bar while adding a vast array of new features and benefits. Because it is so flexible and skinnable, it can be made to look like any sort of toolbar, menu, dock, etc. found on any OS, or it can be used to create something entirely new, giving you a level of personalization on the Windows desktop interface.

This new version comes with several different looks to choose from, and each one can be personalized based on your needs.

This versatile and useful program is only $19.95, or can be purchased as part of the Object Desktop Suite of desktop customization programs for only $49.95.

ObjectBar webpage
Object Desktop
ObjectBar 2.0 Screenshot 1
ObjectBar 2.0 Screenshot 2
Link: OjectBar 2.0 Demo Video

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