Office 15 "Moorea" application demoed on video

Earlier this week we got our first look at the new “Moorea” application that will be included with Microsoft Office 15. The application appears to be some sort of aggregator of content, where you will likely be able to place all information relating to specific topic into the one interface. As Brad Sams says, “Imagine you are doing research on birds; you could have your documents, images, and videos all in one place.”

Today, thanks to Roberto Branni of, we are able to get a video demonstration of this new application and how it works. It seems that he had access to build 15.0.2703.1000 of Office 15, which included the new Moorea application, and was able to record some of the aggregator in action:

In the video you can again see the hints of the Metro Design Language, as used throughout Windows Phone 7 and possibly to be used in Windows 8, when Branni performs some actions such as saving his tiled content workspace, not to mention the tiles themselves. It also seems that Branni had some issues using the application when he enlarged the images and tried to perform actions using the buttons on the left-hand side, or that some functionality simply hasn’t been included this early into the Office 15 development cycle.

Other Office 15 screenshots leaked earlier this week again hinting at a Metro-styled user interface, however in these early leaks the changes are extremely subtle. Microsoft Office 15 is expected to land in 2012, but this hasn’t been confirmed with Microsoft officially.

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