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On the third day he rose: Nexus One sells out after retail death

Sometimes a stellar product doesn't translate to stellar sales. Google's Nexus One "experiment" was supposed to be revolution in handset marketing. Selling a phone, completely unlocked, to whoever wanted it was to be the way of the future. And Google failed miserably. Coupled with slow sales and only one official channel, Google officially began shutting down its retail program in May, while waiting for stock to deplete until it was officially over this summer.

Having sold only 80,000 units in a period in which iPhone sold 1,000,000; it was obvious as to why Google nixed the plan. Instead, Google decided to sell the handset to strictly developers, directly through the Market. This genius move unveiled only weeks ago has "blown[blew] through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time, and they’re back-ordered from HTC, who are doing a pretty good job of managing runaway success amid a worldwide AMOLED shortage." You read that correctly. The Nexus One is sold out.

"Everyone appreciates that it’s important to the platform to get phones in the hands of developers, so we’re working hard on re-stocking the shelves; stand by."

From a lukewarm public reception to a blockbuster developer handset, Nexus One has rolled the stone away and gained a new life. As evidenced by Android Developers, there seems to be no plans to end production of the Nexus One just yet; especially not with a consistently expanding base of developers creating magic with a solid yet underrated handset.

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