OnePlus 5's audio problem: left and right audio channels are inverted with video recordings

It’s been a rollercoaster of a launch week for OnePlus; following extraordinary hype surrounding its launch, the OnePlus 5 was soon discovered to have a few oddities with its display, which the company explained away as “natural,” and without a fix.

A new issue has now emerged, pertaining to how the OnePlus 5 handles stereo audio while recording videos.

According to a Reddit post, videos recorded in landscape mode have the stereo audio recorded in inverted channels – audio from the left is recorded on the right channel and vice versa. The Reddit user demonstrated the issue with a video, that can be seen below.

Interestingly, flipping the phone around (so the home button is on the left) alleviates the issue, much like how using the phone upside down helps with the “natural” display.

It seems that the OnePlus 5 simply isn’t inverting the audio depending on the phone’s orientation – something that should be easily fixable via a software update. OnePlus says that it is working on one, but hasn’t provided a time frame for it.

With the audio issue, along with other post-launch promises like adding 4K image stabilization, the OnePlus software team sure is going to be busy. There have already been two software updates for the phone, with a few minor fixes and a couple of stability improvements.

The OnePlus 5 relies on a mono speaker, so the audio issue can go unnoticed if the videos are played on the device itself. But, using the phone upside down is increasingly looking like a better experience – perhaps in this case, users are best advised to hold it wrong.

Source: Reddit, Phone Arena via Android Authority

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