OnePlus quietly increases price of USB Type-C stereo audio and OTG adapters

Earlier this week, the OnePlus 7 Pro was announced and our own Rich Woods shared his first impressions of the flagship device in an unboxing video. However, this iteration from OnePlus has seen the company cease the inclusion of a USB Type-C to 3.5mm stereo adapter in the box, leaving prospective buyers having to fork over extra to use their traditional wired headphones and earphones.

Unfortunately, for those that need to invest in such an adapter, OnePlus has raised the price on the peripheral. When the OnePlus 6T was the new kid on the block, the dongle cost $8 plus applicable taxes and freight charges in the United States, but is now going for $12.95. While pricing has also been increased elsewhere around the world, it has not necessarily been uniform, as evidenced by costs in the UK (£6.99/~$8.89), India (₹390/~$5.54), and Germany (€7.95/~$8.88). it also appears that OnePlus has nudged up the cost of its USB OTG adapter by 30% to $13 in the U.S.

While ditching the traditional 3.5mm audio port for USB Type-C and Bluetooth has become a growing trend in the smartphone space, you might be able to minimize your outlay to enjoy a wired audio experience by looking at similar adapters from other vendors.

Source: Android Police

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