Outlook for iOS and Android grabs Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote integration

Today, Microsoft is introducing Calendar Apps for Outlook on iOS and Android. This will allow you to connect your apps to Outlook, beginning with Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote.

The company continues to strengthen its mobile version of Outlook for iOS and Android, ever since acquiring apps such as Sunrise Calendar and Acompli. With the ability to connect your apps, the email and calendar application will become even more compelling and powerful.

Here's what today's Calendar Apps have to offer:


Wunderlist is a simple to-do list app that helps you get stuff done. With Wunderlist’s new Calendar App for Outlook, you can get an overview of your most-pressing to-dos, in the place where you plan and schedule your day—your Outlook calendar! We think it’s productivity perfection.

To get started, connect your Wunderlist account with Outlook. Simply swipe from the left while in Outlook’s calendar and next to Calendar Apps tap the Add button. Now, thanks to a little Outlook-Wunderlist magic, all of your to-dos with a due date appear on your calendar in the All Day section. But what about your all-important notes? Just tap to-do and you’ll have all the details you need.

Pro tip—In Outlook’s calendar menu, you can select the lists you want to view on your calendar and specify colors to make your important tasks stand out.


Facebook’s mission is to help people connect and spend time together in the real world. One of the features that helps people coordinate and plan events with their friends and family is Facebook Events.

After connecting your Facebook account to Outlook, you can view any event you’re invited to or have accepted, as well as your friends’ birthdays. Once you open an event, you can RSVP and view event details and location. If you need additional information, just tap Open in Facebook to jump right into the Facebook app. You’ll never miss your cousin’s birthday again!


Evernote gets you effortlessly organized with notes, to-dos and more. Whether preparing notes for a big meeting or tracking your grocery list, having those notes available on your calendar when you need them makes your whole day easier.

Set a reminder on a note and it will appear on your calendar, complete with a link to the note. Outlook not only shows you what’s important in your day, it gives you immediate access to the information you’ve placed in Evernote, so you’re always prepared.

As you've probably imagined, no new features were announced for the Windows versions of the Outlook apps; however, it's fair to say that those versions work very differently. Still, when more and more Outlook news appears for iOS and Android, it's hard for a Windows user to not feel left out.

Microsoft also wants your ideas for Calendar Apps. You can submit your suggestion by going to Settings -> Help & Support -> Suggest a Feature. The firm also promises more Calendar Apps to come, as well as integration with Skype for Business, OneNote, and more.

Source: Office Blog

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