Outlook.com: 400 million active accounts, 125 million mobile users

Microsoft's Outlook.com launched in July of 2012 and the service has been growing at an incredible rate since its introduction. The platform offers a compelling alternative to Gmail and Microsoft is continuously adding new features to the platform including the ability to make Skype calls.

In a post on the Outlook.com blog, the team states that they have over 400 million active accounts and that 125 million of them are accessing the service from a mobile device. In addition to touting the new features, the team is adding two new features today: SMTP send, so it's easier to send mail from different email addresses, and deeper integration with SkyDrive.

It's important to note that Microsoft is saying that they have 400 million active accounts, which indicates that they likely have far more accounts registered but are currently inactive. We do wonder what Microsoft's definition of 'active' is, as it is unknown at this point how they compiled the 400 million numbers.

In addition to the new features, Microsoft had to upgrade all of the Hotmail users to the Outlook.com platform which consisted of moving 150 petabytes of information. This significant transition occurred in only six weeks and was all done without any downtime.

Look for Microsoft to make more improvements in the future to Outlook.com as the team works to stay ahead of the trends and solidify its place at the top of the email podium. 

Source: Outlook.com Blog

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