Palm's Pre to support tethering, other details revealed

Sprint has updated their web page on Palm's Pre, revealing some interesting details. The details on the Pre have been on Palm's website for some time, but as they are now on Sprint's site, this could mean an imminent release.

The first of the interesting details is that the Pre will support data tethering, either via BlueTooth or USB. This means that you can connect the Pre to a laptop or PC, and use it as a wireless internet access point, providing internet access from anywhere that the Pre has coverage.

Secondly, the 8gb of internal storage on the Pre will have 7.4gb available, meaning that the operating system on the device takes up a considerable amount of space. Palm don't have any plans to release any models of the Pre with larger storage space, at the moment.

The Palm Pre is expected to be out this first half of 2009, but pricing has not yet been revealed. This supports rumors that the Pre will be out be out on March 15th.

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