PC Gamer Makes A Boo-Boo Gears of War For PC Revealed?

Holiday 2006 Issue. PC Gamer (US version). Page 28. Look at the picture.

OK, I know the issue isn't out yet on store shelves, so here's what is happening. Apparently PC Gamer took a snap of a Microsoft "Games for Windows" display at a Microsoft campus, and on this display was Gears of War for the PC.

Now, one does not have to be a moron to realize how hugely popular Gears of War is for the Xbox 360, nor how popular it will continue to be for that console in the far future. Microsoft and Epic Games must know that Gears of War for the Windows platform would be huge as well, and one can only hope that they do indeed bring it over to the PC. Its running Unreal Engine 3, it wouldn't be that hard to port, especially since the Xbox 360 is the source.

Of course there are the naysayers who cry that the photograph is a fake, its photoshopped, its just a concept render etc blah blah blah. Who cares, just the mere mention of Gears of War for PC makes my mouth water in anticipation. Come on Microsoft, bring that bad boy to Windows!

View: Original Story @ IGN

P.S. Ironic the news logo eh?

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