PC Insider testing for Halo 3 to begin in the first half of June

Halo 3 PC work in progress screenshot

So far, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has delivered Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and Halo 2: Anniversary to PC players, and soon, Halo 3 will enter the testing phase on the platform. In the latest flighting update from 343 Industries' Tyler "Postums" Davis, it was revealed the studio is planning to begin Halo 3 public testing in the first half of June.

The developer is expecting to hand a build over to internal partners for testing next week, a process that's happening "much sooner than usual" according to Davis. If everything goes to plan, this will be the fastest rollout of a new public flight session following a Halo release on PC, and could mean a speedy full launch of the game as well.

It looks like Splash Damage and Ruffian Games are handling the porting duties for Halo 3, the same studios that brought Halo: Reach to PC last year. The Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 2: Anniversary ports arrived through Saber Interactive.

Those who are interested in joining these Insider tests can sign up to be a Halo Insider over here. Also, keep an eye out for our Halo 2: Anniversary PC review that will land later today.

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