PDP's Xbox One quick charger promises a revolution for controllers

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Microsoft has had a frenzy of activity regarding its Xbox One controller. Oculus wants it for its VR headset and the Xbox One Elite controller is near impossible to find in stores because it's so popular. Microsoft certainly knows how to craft a controller that people want, and perhaps that's why Performance Design Products (PDP) is using the Xbox One controller as the testing grounds for a new charging prototype that will revolutionize expectations when it comes to quick charging.

According to interviews held with PDP at CES 2016, the new quick charging technology being developed will charge your controller for at least 8 hours of use in no more than 60 seconds. You read that right - the same controller that typically takes multiple hours to fully charge via USB could be ready to go in under a minute. That kind of promise is sure to blow some skirts up, and PDP know they're on to something special.

"We’ve developed a technology to charge your controller in a new way, it’s not using a battery pack. In the past it has been about either your dry cell battery chemistries or your lithium ion or lithium polymers, but we’ve developed a new type of power pack... It’s a physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction - it’s a new type of power pack chemistry".

-Christopher Dingle, PDP Director of Product Development

The benefits don't stop there. While Microsoft's Xbox One controller will have access to the technology in time, there will also eventually be a charging pack for the PS4 controller and perhaps mobile devices. PDP are still in the testing stages and only have one working prototype, but the stage is being set to overshadow every other battery pack out there before the end of 2016 when the tech is supposed to be ready for sale.

Speaking of sales, the battery and charging system are expected to retail for $99. It's a bit steep for pricing, but given that gamers are willing to shell out $150 for a controller it's not impossible to think they'll be willing to spend the extra cash in exchange for the ability to fully charge a controller between Halo multiplayer games.

Source: Polygon

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