Planetside 2 officially announced

After months of hints and speculation, Sony Online has officially announced plans to launch PlanetSide 2, a sequel to its sci-fi first person shooter MMO. While Sony Online's CEO John Smedley had already confirmed that a sequel to Planetside was indeed in development, the company itself was silent until Thursday when it launched the game's teaser web site along with a trailer which you can see below.

The original Planetside game was released back in 2003 after years of hype and was designed to have thousands of players battling online. The final game, however, didn't live up to expectations. It is still running but has a small player base. From Planetside 2's FAQ page it looks like, at least on the surface, not much will change in terms of basic gameplay. It will still have battles with thousands of players online at once with three different playable factions and support for ground and air vehicles.

Sony Online is keeping some details of the game to themselves for now including the game's launch date and its business model. While many of Sony Online's games still have monthly subscriptions, the company has launched a number of free-to-play games like Free Realms and Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures. Earlier this year Sony Online cut a number of team members (as much as a third according to some reports) and shut down three of its development studios. It also canceled plans to release The Agency, a super-spy themed shooter MMO that was in development for several years at its now shut down Seattle office.

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