Playstation 3 160 GB version gets $199.99 price at GameStop

If you wanted to buy a new Playstation 3, now might be the time to do so. GameStop has launched a new sale of Sony's game console that cuts the price of the 160 GB model down $50 to just $199.99. GameStop's lower price also comes with one of two free Warner Bros. Interactive games: Batman: Arkham City and Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition.

The free game is also offered for purchasing three SKUs of the Xbox 360 at GameStop, but their prices have not been cut as they have with the PS3. In fact, In fact, GameStop has cut the prices of a number of other PS3 bundles by $50 each. The sales promotion will end on April 26th. has also lowered the prices for their PS3 bundles, but not quite to the extent that GameStop has. The 160 GB version only has a small price cut, down to $233.50, and it doesn't offer any free games to go along with your PS3 purchase. In other words, the GameStop 160 GB bundle with the Batman and Mortal Kombat games is perhaps the best game console deal you can get at the moment. While this may be a temporary price cut, we wouldn't be surprised if Sony makes this the permanent price point for the PS3 if it sells a lot of consoles.

Image via Sony

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