PlayStation Store revamp: coming October 23rd

PlayStation has been busy recently, if you've noticed there have been little tweaks that have been made and a lot of scheduled maintenance; why you ask? Well, Sony's PlayStation brand is revamping the store to look modern. The new interface will give players the ability to search for content more efficiently.

The reason behind this is that PlayStation has hit milestones, today we learned via the PlayStation Access facebook page that the company had hit 5 million mark for consoles sold in the UK, totalling to 63.9 million consoles sold worldwide. That may not seem like a lot when compared to competition, but PlayStation excels in first-party publishing and with games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War and inFamous (to name a few), PlayStation has gone from zero to hero.

With the amount of games that Sony publish, it is only natural for Sony to try and sell more content. Currently, the store offers 20,000 pieces of content and more than 100,000 videos and TV shows.

The PlayStation Store revamp is Sony's way of improving the experience of finding new content, and we generally like the look of it; even if it does look very Microsoft-esque. It's familiar, it's modern; it's the new PlayStation Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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