PowerUser.TV Episode 41: Booth Babes, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD & More

With E3 going on this week, the team simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit the "booth babes" issue and discuss their apparel (or the lack thereof). They also discovered that people in the UK are now allowed to listen to their CDs on their iPods according to the RIAA. Let's hope North America isn't far behind! Also a spam war involving Blue Security and Russian hackers brings down several websites.

Some are saying the porn industry will decide whether or not Blu-Ray or HD-DVD becomes the new standard, while others say it will be the video game industry. The team says it's all BUNK! Ok, it's not really bunk. What do you say?

In gaming news this week the team discusses several things coming out of E3, including Nintendo revealing a more traditional controller for the Wii, and Sony makes the pricing structure for the PlayStation 3 public and receives a generally dismal reaction. We also argue about a new game out of Japan called "Maiden Love Revolution".

All this and less! Er...More! Check it out!

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