Preview "Freestyle" interface: Extended, enhanced PC media experiences

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A new user interface will transform and extend your ability to enjoy Windows XP PC digital media experiences. With large fonts and simplified menus, the interface environment will bring your favorite media experiences into one easy, convenient place. You'll be able to use the full-screen view to comfortably enjoy media from anywhere in the room. When at your desk, you'll also be able to shrink the view and watch a movie or TV while doing other PC tasks.

    "Your best friends have come over to see the movies you took on your latest trip. You've used Windows XP to edit the best clips into a killer film, and even added background music for just the right sense of texture. Once everyone crowds onto your futon with you, you click a button and launch the "Freestyle" start menu, giving you access to your PC media. The movie and music wow your audience, just as you predicted. With so much digital media in one convenient place, your Windows XP PC lets you focus on the fun".
News source: Microsoft - Preview "Freestyle" interface: Extended, enhanced PC media experiences

Screenshot: Start screen

Screenshot: My Music screen

Screenshot: My Pictures screen

Screenshot: Electronic Program Guide for TV

Screenshot: My Videos screen

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