Quake 2 Evolved Beta1

In 1997 id Software released the sequel to the huge game that was Quake(TM). Quake II boasted a new and improved story line, more multiplayer functionality, and a huge graphical boost over its older brother. It also gave players a game like no other when it came to modding, and to this day Quake II remains up the top with the number of mods.

Ok, history lesson over. Time to move on a few years.

So what really is Quake II Evolved? Well, its that same old game that you all love, only its had a bit of a face lift. Gone are the days of paleting your skins, or setting up your options via the old clunky UI. With 32bit support, a totally new menu UI system, enhanced HUD, console, visuals, plus a load more, Quake II has changed... Quake II has Evolved...

News source: Gamer's Hell

Download: Quake 2 Evolved beta1 (10.6Mb)

Screenshots: @ Planetquake

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