Queen Joins iPod Enthusiasts

Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly joined millions of iPod users today – as she approved the purchase of a six gigabyte silver iPod mini. The iPod mini was purchased by a royal staffer for £169 ($309), reports The Sun – a daily British tabloid.

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, who is the Queen's second son, was said to be behind the iPod purchase. It is believed he will be the one to educate the Queen how one uses ones iPod; Prince Andrew was her mentor after a cell phone purchase in 2001. The Queen is not planning on downloading music herself, rather a staffer close to the Queen will prepare and download playlists for her.

The purchase comes shortly after U.S. President George W. Bush announced his adoption of an iPod a few months ago. Although President Bush unsurprisingly packed his iPod with country tunes, it's unknown what the Queen will load hers with (ed. One wonders whether the Sex Pistols made the grade).

Neowin would like to ask you - what do you think the Queen will put on her new iPod mini?!

News source: MSNBC

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