QuickPlayer 1.00 beta 58

QuickPlayer was designed to create a playlist orientated music player in windows style. To avoid depencies, it uses FMod.dll as sound system (BASS and FModEx layers are also available) instead of the Windows Media Player engine. Furthermore, it uses several Windows API to enhance the standard Visual Basic controls instead of using external user controls (OCX files). And these are the results of four years of intensive development:

* Powerful interface without skinning. Remembers position and size and allows "parallel windowing".
* The auto refresh support allows you to easily keep your playlist up to date.
* Automation and security features, like timer events and kiosk mode
* Structured playlist with full drag'n'drop both directions! Simply drag files out to your favorite cd recording software
* Remarkable fading engine, providing full fading support and allows cross fading
* Music quality indication via color, additional information as tool tip. Also displays standard tags
* Search features to easily find a specific song
* Supports disabling of windows sounds, either when running or in Minidisk mode
* Customizable keyboard for most basic features
* Plays all common music formats, like mp3, Ogg Vorbis, wav, wma, mod/s3m/xm/it, and more...
* Running on Windows 95 and older computers. Runs event without DirectX or Windows Media Player engine

What's New:

* fixed - Using next song after deleting current playing song
* added - Deleting icon / animation
* changed - Enhanced spectrum
* fixed - Fixed several startup dialog issues
* fixed - 'Next song' working if single repeat mode if fading and crossfading disabled

Download: QuickPlayer 1.00 beta 58
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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