Report: Apple and Samsung may settle lawsuits out of court after all

According to a report by the Korea Times (via CNN Money), Apple and Samsung may be working to settle their various cases outside of court. The move comes after Apple and Google agreed to dismiss all lawsuits and could signal the end of the Apple v. Samsung battle that has raged since 2012. 

Kim Yoo-chul, senior Samsung reporter at the Korea Times, reports that "working level" discussions are taking place between Apple and Samsung with a view to "dismissing all lawsuits". In the most recent patent case Apple was found to infringe upon one Samsung patent which has apparently made the talks easier according to Yoo-chul. Samsung was found to owe Apple $120 million - down from the $1 billion ordered in 2012 - while Apple owed Samsung $158,000. 

According to FOSS Patents' Florian Mueller, Apple will be looking for a "face-saving exit strategy from Steve Jobs' thermonuclear ambitions that were based on a totally unrealistic assessment of the strength of Apple's patent portfolio" and this settlement gives them that. Mueller predicts that "things should come to an end during the summer." 

Source: Korea Times (via CNN MoneyGavel image used in background via Shutterstock

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