Report: Apple customers more satisfied than PC buyers

According to a report which was released today from the Temkin Group, those that purchase Apple computers are more satisfied than their PC counterparts. From the results of the survey, Apple outdone competition in all aspects that were polled, such as the information provided and the company customer service.

The result was found when the group surveyed 842 people from the United States on their opinions of Apple, Dell and HP computers. The consumers rated each area on a one (completely dissatisfied) to seven (completely satisfied) basis. Some interesting facts have returned from the poll which suggests those that buy from Apple are less concerned about the price, however they do have a higher expectation of customer service, says the group. Additionally, those that buy computers directly from the manufacturer are more satisfied than those that purchase from a retailer, along with the finding that Best Buy employees are more helpful than others.

Interesting aspects of this is that while Dell and HP lack the customer service on this survey, they're very close on several other points. Provided that Apple is an entire brand, this survey displays that both Dell and HP are big competitors to the Cupertino based company, more so than other PC manufacturers.

While Apple certainly did shine above the competition, it is prudent to note that while they are all computer sellers, they are not necessarily on the same playing field. Apple have a step up in regards to the fact that they have physical selling space in 222 locations in the United States alone, with more worldwide. For Dell and HP, they are more restricted since they either have to rely on a telephone service to speak to customers, their website or most commonly a computer retailer. Since both companies cannot so easily control the quality and service that is provided to consumers, that may have an adverse effect on the statistics.

Image Source: Tempkin Group

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