Report: Cable exec says 1Gbps Internet is only good for piracy

We have been reporting a lot on how more ISPs in the US have been trying to offer faster and faster Internet speeds to its customers. Much has been reported on Google's plans to offer 1 Gbps Internet access to the residents of Kansas City sometime in 2012. We have also reported on small ISP which plans to offer a few customers 1 Gbps Internet speeds in a small California town for the price of just $70 a month. Last week Comcast demoed a 1 Gpbs Internet connection even though the company doesn't have plans to offer such service anytime soon.

But it looks like at least one cable executive doesn't care for giving customers fast and cheap Internet speeds. Multichannel News reports that after the Comcast demo at the Cable Show trade show in Chicago last week a "very senior cable-tech exec, discussing the Comcast 1-Gbps demo, said bluntly, 'I just don’t see any other application for that other than piracy.'" The reporter didn't name the exec or what company he worked for because "the conversation was not a formal interview, and he wasn’t expecting to be quoted."

If that quote is indeed true it shows the attitude that cable operators and other ISPs have on offering faster Internet access to customers. The US as a whole is well behind much of the rest of the industrial world in terms of Internet speeds. South Korean ISPs want to offer up 1 Gpbs net speeds to every single person in the country by the end of 2012.

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