Revenge of the Worm

The global worming attack that fried much of the Internet this weekend may return on Monday as unpatched systems and applications boot up at the start of the workweek.

The worm can attack a multitude of Microsoft applications as well as applications distributed by other companies including administration, helpdesk, corporate antivirus and assorted security applications.

Network administrators may not even be aware that their systems harbor programs that need to be patched.

Sapphire began to spread shortly after midnight ET on Saturday and quickly slapped many computer systems around the world offline.

Telecommunications systems in Asia and Europe were swamped, some North American ATM machines ceased to spit out cash, and several airline reservations systems shut down.

It's anyone's guess whether the worm will return in full force on Monday, but security experts said they don't think Slammer is dead yet.

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News source: Wired

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