RIAA President holds massive weight over your family

RIAA President Cary Sherman has an interesting job. He represents many different companies, for he happens to be the CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America. Now, his job is set to get a little bit more interesting, come June 12th. In the United States, Sherman will receive the ability to completely ruin your life if you download an album or a movie.. and then he can also ruin your children's education too.

BoingBoing.net makes some very good points about the weight Sherman will hold over ISPs and their users. Should he demand it, ISPs will be forced to cut off their customers and the families of these customers should he be feeling particularly devious. After pressure from the Obama administration the five main internet service providers will be cooperating with Cary Sherman in his new role as a witch-hunter.

You'll also lose your ability to call 911 over VOIP, if Sherman decides you are not worthy. One stolen album for one lost life? Seems like good business to the RIAA. Sherman represents the same group of people, applying the same "lolgic" which came to the conclusion an iPod's musical content is worth $8 billion. SOPA could have just been the beginning, but the fun is only getting started for the RIAA in particular. The future of the internet could be changed by one group, and it seems possible it will happen, too.

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