RIAA wants more money, world is unsurprised

A conference is being held in Washington DC that is discussing copyrights and how they are affected by technology and the internet. The copyright group, namely the RIAA, wants Congress to make the law definition more defined.

What the RIAA would like to see happen is legislation pass that allows them to receive royalties for online videos from YouTube.

"While the public interest group Public Knowledge disputed the meaning of Net neutrality with the Recording Industry Association of America, the Songwriters Guild of America butted heads with YouTube over how to ensure that songwriters receive royalties for online videos"

Google does go on to say that they would like to pay for the rights but doesn't know who to pay. Reading between the lines you can understand that Google will pay when it is forced too but not until then. The idea of revamping copyrights is a huge issue and it's insanely complex. The idea of what is considered copyright infringement is a gray area that Congress doesn't want to address.

"Congress rarely steps in and fixes anything" related to intellectual property, Carson said. "The Pro-IP Act was tinkering around the edges--there was nothing really in there. Legislation just doesn't seem to be the way to make progress, no matter what your definition of progress is."

The conference continues with the constant idea that content management on the network side is not an option because "copyright filtering is not network management, it's content management" and the costs to implement this technology would not be worth the return on investment.

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