Rumor: Next Xbox to have touch-screen controller?

We have seen our share of Next Xbox/Xbox 720 rumors show up on the Internet in the past few months, including one that claimed the next version of Microsoft's game console will be six times as powerful as the current Xbox 360. Today, there's yet another Next Xbox rumor but this time its not about the console itself but it's controller.

Computer and Video Games reports that according to the newest issue of the UK print magazine Xbox World, the controller for the Xbox 360 successor will have some type of touch screen. The story claims that the design of the controller will look like "an HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks."

The story also claims that the touch screen will change its user interface depending on if it's used to play a game, or act as a remote control for the television or even to surf the Internet.

Quite frankly, this rumor sounds a bit far fetched, especially as Microsoft has been pushing hard on making its Kinect motion gesture and voice activated technology the controller of the future. There's also the fact that the Xbox 360 controller has been called by many the best game console controller ever made.

Still if Microsoft can come up with some interesting ways for a touch screen to work with a controller without making it as bulky looking as Nintendo's Wii U controller it might be worth looking into.

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