Samsung Smart TVs now make it easier to sing along to Apple Music

Back in April, Samsung announced that it was bringing Apple Music, the Cupertino giant's music streaming service, to its Smart TVs from 2018 onward. Today, a new feature is making its way to Apple Music on Samsung Smart TVs - time-synced lyrics.

If the name is somehow not descriptive enough, it means that songs that support the feature will display their lyrics as the song plays. Each line of the song will be aligned with what's playing at the current time, making it easier for users to sing along to the song or learn the lyrics to it. Additionally, it's possible to navigate through the song's lyrics to start playing it at any point in the track.

Apple Music on Samsung Smart TVs also lets users search for lyrics, so they can find the song they originate from and listen to it with the lyrics on screen. The new features are available now, and they're enabled automatically. When a song that supports time-synced lyrics is played, those lyrics should show up on the TV screen right away.

Apple's services have opened up somewhat in recent years, and Apple Music is a prime example of that. It's been available on Android for quite some time - and recently got some improvements on the platform - and it's also accessible on the web, so you shouldn't need any kind of Apple device to access the service anywhere. iTunes also launched on Samsung Smart TVs last year.

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