Screenshots of Windows 10 Mobile build 10534 leak with new connectivity settings in tow

Polish site has gotten ahold of a new build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview running on a Lumia 635. The screenshots posted to their forums shows that little has changed between the current build, 10512, and the leaked build. As with most increases in build number, they do point out that the new build feels speedier and more polished than the current official release.

However, this build does come with a few, if not minor, surprises. The settings page reveals two new options regarding phone connectivity options. The first of these settings will allow a user to make their device visible to USB connections and the local network, which could suggest anything from a simple USB tether to a computer or even a potential for file sharing on your home Wi-Fi.

The second settings enables your device to become visible to USB EEM connections. EEM, as some may be aware stands for Ethernet Emulation Model which functions exactly the way you would think, providing a way to interface Ethernet devices via a USB adapter.

It's also worth noting that both of these settings appear disabled in the latest leak, perhaps due to the fact that no device able to take advantage of these settings is actually connected. These new settings may play a part in Microsoft's Continuum for Mobile, which aims to provide a "PC-like experience" on your phone when docked with a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Gabe Aul, who coordinates the Windows Insider program, recently teased that he was running 10532 on his own device while build 10530 has been making its way through Microsoft's own internal rings. Of course, Windows 10 Mobile is set to expire October 1st (with notifications beginning September 15th). This leaves Microsoft with less than a month to push out a new build, meaning that we shouldn't have to wait too long.

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Source: | via WMPU

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